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  4. Chassain C, J Fr Opthalmol 2018, 41(6):513-520

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ISOPURE is a premium monofocal intraocular lens suitable for cataract patients, designed to provide functional intermediate vision in a range of different conditions without compromising quality of vision - with the simplicity of a monofocal IOL.

Uncompromised quality of vision.

Like a monofocal IOL, ISOPURE uses all available light energy to extend the range of focus. Unlike multifocal IOLs, ISOPURE doesn’t lose energy through diffraction and has comparable contrast sensitivity as a monofocal1.

Polynomial Technology

Smooth as monofocal

No addition power

No diffractive rings

ISOPURE Extended Vision Range.

ISOPURE optic features patented​ polynomial complex surface design across the full optic, extending the depth of focus.

A monofocal lens offers only one unique focus point dedicated to the far vision. ​

ISOPURE extends the depth of focus to provide uncompromised high-quality distance vision and improves functional intermediate vision in all pupil sizes and lighting conditions2. ​

ISOPURE doubles the extended depth of focus and maintains the high-quality distance vision comparable to a monofocal3.

*Data on file: Measurement on optical bench equipped with the ISO2 cornea model which fulfills the ISO 11979-2 with 0.28 m spherical aberrations 5.15 mm aperture and IOL plane.

The G-Free (GFY) hydrophobic material provided means you do not have to worry about compromising the IOL with glistening4.

As the preloaded 123 system is combined with our unique injection pressure release system (PRS), the average force of lens injections is reduced by 15%5.

Simplified like a monofocal.

The design and features of the ISOPURE lens mean it is far more advanced than the monofocal currently available. However, the implantation by the surgeon is as simple as any other monofocal IOL.

Simplifying the discussions for patients who are unwilling candidates for diffractive technology but still want an extended range of vision and reduced need for spectacles.


For a more accurate vision, please turn your device to landscape mode.